Imagine if………

Imagine if the people of Maine (where they had a referendum recently) were told that the government didn’t think that the vote was the right answer and they have to vote again….

Imagine if the government then outspends the opposition by 10:1 on propaganda to enforce the required result….

Imagine if famous sports stars were paid to promote the government’s side….

Imagine if all the media, with one or two exceptions, were on the side of the government…

Imagine if the government said it would be ‘catastrophic’ if the people voted against the referendum…

Imagine if members of the government were behind a plan to ‘expose’ the main opposition’s funding, while they were being funded by lobbyists with very questionable links….

Imagine if the ‘referendum commissioner’ set up with supposedly one simple purpose: to help the voter understand the referendum, was on public sector radio every morning with government propaganda….

Imagine no longer……………..Lisbon Treaty 2 was passed on the 2nd October 2009 after being rejected in June 2008!

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