False Visionaries…

This is an edited transcript of the dialogue between Joe Duffy,  presenter of a popular radio show in Ireland, and the clairvoyant Joe Coleman who visited Knock Shrine recently…several callers are not included due to space and the words in bold show the New Age deception behind the religious front.

To listen to the full radio show (one hour long) click HERE

The truth about the latest so-called visionary to Knock Shrine

Joe Duffy: “Joe… you have been predicting these visions of our Lady”

Joe Coleman: “The Catholic church wouldn’t allow us to bring the statue of our beautiful Blessed Lady into the church so that people could adore her… I nearly collapsed at the altar with the energy that was in the church… Not one priest turned up and they insulted our Blessed Mother, so they did, on Saturday and they done it on the 11th of October also Joe, I predicted that one as well, three weeks before it happened… I reared all my children here on invalidity pension.”

Joe Duffy: “And do you charge money Joe?”

Joe Coleman: “No, I have a room over Jackie’s florist in Ballyfermot, it’s a small room I hire out, people come to me for healings, and I will sit and I will do a 20 minute healing with them, and pray the rosary over them, and if they want to leave me a donation, they will leave me, if they give me a euro I will accept it. I do NOT charge for spiritual healing. No. I don’t.”

Joe Duffy: “One of the newspapers say you charge 60 euro.”

Joe Coleman: “I seen the newspapers …they said I have a healing room over a flower shop in Ballymun, that’s how much em em s**… or sh***…. they’re writing about me in the papers.”

Joe Duffy: “What does Our Lady look like?”

Joe Coleman: “She’s surrounded with a beautiful pink, like an aura around her… the last couple of times her voice changed because she told me to tell the Church especially in Knock she was very angry that they are not listening and they are not showing mercy and love to her children and she felt she was insulted on the 11th because they never came out of the Church to see her, not one priest came out of the church to respect our Blessed Mother… If Our lady asked me to go over to the Eiffel Tower today and jump off the top of it, I would do it for her. ……..there was no Mass in the Church, no holiness, just what we brought in ourselves….I’m not making any money out of this, I never had made any money out of this.. people had come to adore Our Lady. .. I spoke to one of the managers of Knock, a very ignorant man, may I say and he went on national tv …and I say “how dare you say nothing happened”

Caller: “….there’s none of that nonsense that was going on last saturday…. ”

Joe Coleman: “I think it’s disgraceful for you love, ”

Caller: “no, no I’m not getting into an argument with you ..it’s Joe Duffy I’m speaking to.. ”

Joe Coleman: “you were invited on to speak the truth and to listen to me as well…how dare you criticise me on the radio..and how dare you insult Our Lady …it’s terrible going on in Knock with the likes of youse people..you’re Christians, you believe in our lady …run away love…

Listen till I tell you Joe, I have no power at the moment, as I told you I’m not belonged to an organisation, I don’t belong to the Catholic Church organisation, I am a Catholic but I’m not belonged to an organisation.”

Caller: “Well I was there and all I saw was mass hysteria…there was definitely nothing religious there what we saw.”

Pat Lavelle, assistant manager from Knock Shrine calls…

Joe Coleman: ” …I told you off and I’m not afraid to tell you off or Bishop Neary .. ”

Pat Lavelle ..”nothing happened here..”

Joe Coleman: “you’re like Bishop Neary and the rest of them, youse haven’t got a clue and God forgive ya – we asked for Our Lady,… those 1,000 of people came to adore Our Lady..you did not respect Our Lady.. and the Bishop is the same…. I shook you on Saturday when I spoke to you.

Pat Lavelle: “No you didn’t.”

Joe Coleman: “I bloody well did shake you and I’ll shake you again when I see you because I shake you with the energy that I have inside me ..and you will never insult our Blessed Mother again, NEVER again.”

Another Caller: “eh, good afternoon Joe and Joe Coleman. There’s just one point I wanted to make there..em.. you made a statement earlier where you said that you don’t take money from people, that you might get a contribution of one euro.”

Joe Coleman: “No, I said I will take a contribution even if it is only a euro.. ”

Caller: “Right OK, well it’s just that myself, my sister and our friend went to see you last year in your room in Ballyfermot… and you charged each of us 40 euro.”

Joe Coleman: “That wasn’t for spiritual healing from Our Lady..that was for, for a reading, a psychic, clairvoyant reading.. ”

Caller: “yeah,”

Joe Coleman: “That’s not for spiritual healing, love.”

Caller: “To me a reading a medium, mediumistic is a form of spiritual healing.”

Joe Coleman: “No, no no that was a medium reading from a clairvoyance angle? that’s not to do with our Blessed Mother, I don’t work with our Blessed Mother that way.”

Caller: “Right and em you also said we could also go to spiritual healing classes and spiritual development classes on a weeks basis and you were going to charge for those as well.”

Joe Coleman: “That’s for spiritual development. anyone in the city of dublin or in the world would charge for teaching..teach people how to find where they are, put them on the right paths, find out who their spirit guides are, a lot of people come for that..”

Caller: “Right, well that was just the point I wanted to make that you do charge people.”

Joe Coleman: “No, I used to charge, love, last year, I do not charge now, Our Lady come to me this year and I stopped all that work, I work entirely with the work of our Blessed Lady now, I’ve cancelled all my appointments for spiritual readings, I do not do them any more. ”

Caller: “Ok that’s fine.. ”

Joe Duffy: “were you a psychic Joe?”

Joe Coleman: “I am psychic, clairvoyant, yes.”

Caller: “Yeah, my point was that Joe said he had been on disability for a long time, that he had hurt his back, and I’m sorry to hear that, and he also said in a phonecall to a caller a few moments ago that he charged 40 euro for clairvoyant readings and that he also charged for spiritual teaching..so I’m just wondering, I’m presuming that he’s declaring this money to revenue because, you know, you can make quite a lot of money from that sort of thing – he obviously does have an income from that and he’s also on disability and I’m just wondering if he is declaring that income to revenue, is he.. ”

Joe Duffy: “Does that make a difference Joe? ”

Joe Coleman: “Em I, I don’t make money em to declare anything to revenue as I said as I stated I’m on invalidity pension, I don’t have an income, that lady – you’re very wrong – I did charge 40 euro for a reading one time last year..my premises in Ballyfermot is entirely dedicated to our blessed lady where I do my spiritual healing which is free.”

Joe Duffy: “But you rent that above Jackie’s florist, don’t you? ”

Joe Coleman: “I rent it – there’s a small rent which I pay on that, which I have to pay because I don’t have an income……….”


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2 responses to “False Visionaries…

  1. that joe coleman cant be a pyscic and a visonary our lady doesnt do magic … no joe coleman is a complete liar like christine gallager how he ever got into knock …… and critcize the bishop well this man is mad coleman that is please put me in touch with him just a liar

  2. Great read! I’ve updated your RSS feeds to my Google account.

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