The Ministry of One

In the Year of Enlightenment 1 D.C.

The Ministry of One hereby declares the following:

From this day forward,  there will be no distinction between man and woman.  The Ministry of One has enacted a new law declaring it illegal to discriminate against men so, it is forbidden to call them men. Equally, it is forbidden to discriminate against women and so it is forbidden to call them women. Instead, the Government has introduced new terms to address this discrimination. The former is to be called ‘nam’, the latter, ‘mowan’. The Bill was passed without a vote – there was no need for a vote as the entire Government was one in agreement. There was no opposition as all members have agreed to sign an agreement to obey the party before they are chosen as candidates, and all party leaders agree to agree in unity with the Enlightened One. Consequently, there is no longer any need for opposition parties.

The members of  The One Party have also issued the following decrees.

1.  Nams can live with Nams and Mowans can live with Mowans, but in order to avoid all forms of discrimination, it is forbidden for Nams to live under the same roof as Mowans. There is no limit to the number of Nams living under the one roof or Mowans living under the one roof.

2. No little Nams or little Mowans can be ‘produced’ outside the State Laboratory.

3. If Nams or Mowans want little Nams or little Mowans, ( from now on called ‘Little Ones’), they must apply for a licence to the Minister for Little Ones.  On receiving the licence, whereby they agree to agree with all the regulations, they can proceed to the State Laboratory, to choose the design of the Little One.  However, they do not own the copyright © to the design as the design has been patented by the creator/designer/engineer, but they do have a right to choose the design.  They must only choose a Little One according to their own status as ‘Nam’ or ‘Mowan’. This is to ensure that there will be no breeding of discrimination in the future.

4. Nams and Mowans will receive Medicare benefits should they choose to assist in the reproduction of Little Ones on the State Reproduction Ranches.

5. All houses from this day forward will be designed and built on the same design by the State Architect. This is to avoid offending those who do not have the same as their neighbour.

6. All workers will receive the same salary in the name of equality, as to do otherwise would be to discriminate.  We are all one and the same.

7. The Ministry of One has set up a new Foundation to educate the Little Ones in the ways of One. Although the engineers have done everything possible to extract all dissenting genes from the gene pool, it has not been perfected yet. So, in order to avoid discrimination under the guise of dissent, all Little Ones  will be taught to discern and listen for any dissenting voices within themselves and should they find any, they agree to be sent to the Higher Level Re-Education Centres, (from this day forward to be called ‘Centres of Excellence’), to perfect the gene.

8. If any Nam or Mowan hears a dissenting voice among co-workers they must immediately report it to the Minister.

9. In the name of The Enlightened One, Freedom, Liberty and Equality,  we hereby issue a uniform to all citizens of One to be worn immediately. Nams and Mowans will wear the same uniform for obvious reasons. 

10. From this day forward, in the Year of Enlightenment, 1 D.C., it is forbidden to mention the word ‘G-d’.  Believing in ‘G-d’ is in fact the root cause of all discrimination. It clouds your judgement. From now on, we are all one.



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2 responses to “The Ministry of One

  1. This is brilliant and so convincingly possible, it’s frightening. The malignant spirit of the Frankfurt School lives on and continues to poison the world.

    • It’s becoming so absurd, it’s ridiculous. Except it’s not funny. As JPII said, we must not be afraid to call evil by its name – the Evil One. All of this stems from one source. The Evil One is not some ‘banshee’ flying around the sky, but a force working through human thoughts and hearts until it corrupts the very nature of man.

      You know, I love the word ‘man’. When we say mankind etc it has a lovely sound to it. When we say ‘humankind’ it’s not so beautiful. 🙂

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