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Moved house!

Cailin’s new blog is here.


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Dear Moriarty

Dear Moriarty,

I’ve been thinking. In reply to your tweet re my tweet, we don’t have an Independence Day nor do we have a national holiday to celebrate the 1916 rising. We have a commemoration as far as I know. It’s different. From what I understand we won’t be having an Independence Day national holiday until we have a united Ireland. Now that could be another 100 years or so but it would have to be one that is wanted by the people of Northern Ireland through democratic means. If they choose not, that’s their choice.

However, we do have a National Day. It’s called St. Patrick’s Day. I think we should stick to this, as St. Patrick unites all Christian denominations in Ireland. This is where real unity lies. When we say the ‘Our Father’ together, we are sons and daughters, not of Eire, not of Ulster, but of the Father, the Almighty, creator of Heaven and Earth.


An Irish Catholic

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